AUN Receives SENSE Project Monitors from USAID

AUN Receives SENSE Project Monitors from USAID

On September 10, President Dekle received a four-member delegation from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The team was in Adamawa State to monitor the ongoing execution of Strengthening Education in the North East Nigerian States (SENSE) project that is being sponsored by the agency.

Deputy Mission Director, Katic Donohoe, who expressed satisfaction for the partnership that AUN is having with the agency said they are always looking for new partners outside well-known cities such as Lagos. 

"And I'm glad that AUN is here. We are always here to help you."

President Dekle explained AUN's commitment to education in the community to the team, being a Development University.

Since the university's founding years, it has been rendering various forms of voluntary services to the community. This includes service-learning programs where AUN students go to teach children in primary school.

President Dekle said the partnership with USAID is a commendable project because its goal fits into the mission of the University to impact the region.

Grant Administrator and Chief of Party for the SENSE project, Audu Liman explained further:

"When the opportunity calling for grant became available, we saw it as a way to put our dream on paper."

He said AUN students have done lots of research work in the community and many have written learning resources developed in local languages.

"We began to see that even those small learning resources were causing change. The pupils were holding them dearly."

SENSE targets the capacity improvement of 100 education managers, an upgrade in the teaching skills of 5,000 teachers and improved education outcomes of 200,000 primary school children in 200 schools from 2019 to 2022.

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