"To be the leader in creating positive social change to improve the lives of the people of Nigeria".


"To become a centre of excellence where the people themselves help create solutions to the challenges they face so they can live a future they dream of."


The Atiku Institute for Development is focused on developing solutions to the challenges faced by the people of Nigeria through research in the areas of health, Education, Human Capital Development and Peace Building


1. Conduct Research on development issues
2. Develop proposals for interventions to address challenges
3. Implement funded and sponsored projects
4. Conduct project and program evaluations
5. Facilitate knowledge sharing through hosting seminars, workshops and conferences in Nigeria and beyond
6. Conduct capacity building activities
7. Support students with internship opportunities
8. Facilitate multi-country and multi institutions partnerships to share knowledge
9. Support State and non-state entities to develop evidence-based strategic plans
10. Provide Fellowship opportunities to Faculty from institutions of higher education in Nigeria and beyond


Digital Library Building
Ground floor

Working Hours

Monday to Friday;
8:30 am to 5:00 pm


Audu Liman, Administrator of Grants and Contracts