The AUN-Atiku Institute (AUN-AI) is headed by Audu Liman who also serves as the Administrator of Grants and Contracts. The institute has a set of core technical staff that provide support across projects. General financial and administrative oversight and support are provided by AUN senior management staff. Each project of AID has its own core staff who receive support from AUN technical management team. AID projects all benefit from the expertise of AUN faculty who conduct research that benefits these projects.

The Committee has the following members:
Audu Liman
Audu LimanDirector / Chief of Party
Turai Kadir
Turai KadirCommunity Development Advisor
Prof. Grace Malgwi
Prof. Grace MalgwiDirector Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning
Muyiwa Olowe
Muyiwa OloweDirector Centre for Development of Resilient Communities
Dr. Salisu Mohammed
Dr. Salisu MohammedDirector Centre for Inclusive and Accountable Governance
Dr. Jennifer Tyndall
Dr. Jennifer TyndallDirector Centre for Innovation in Health Services
Fatima Bashir
Fatima BashirOffice Manager