AUN/UNHCR Empowers Business Owners in Mubi, Michika

AUN/UNHCR Empowers Business Owners in Mubi, Michika

On January 22, a team of small-scale business owners from Mubi and Michika was at the Atiku center to receive startup kits to enable them to set up businesses.

The business owners are from the remaining eight cooperatives, out of the twenty-five cooperatives formed and trained by the office of the Atiku Center for Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Development.
“After training them, we didn’t just allow them to go as individuals. We saw it wise to group them and form cooperatives so that they can effectively and efficiently manage their businesses and they can monitor it perfectly,” said Turai Kadir, Adviser, Community Project, Atiku Center.

Turai also revealed that the cooperatives were formed in Michika and Mubi to enable beneficiaries to have a means of livelihood.

Some of the business startup kits donated to the eight cooperatives were soft drinks, grains, sewing machines, and milling/grinding machines.

Each of the cooperatives is responsible for managing its business, monitor turnovers and be able to sustain the business.

“If they form cooperatives like this, they will be more committed; they will motivate each other. They will have the passion to do business and even monitor their finances properly,” said Ugwu Arinze, Finance Officer at the Atiku Center.

One of the cooperative’s representatives, Muazu Mahmud, said he is satisfied with both the training and the empowerment. “I never knew how to use a sewing machine to design a shoe, but with the training, I can now make beautiful shoes. I thank AUN for giving me a lifetime means of livelihood,” he added.

Anna Geoffrey, also a representative of one of the societies, said she is happy with the program.

The project is part of the AUN/UNHCR livelihood intervention project in Michika and Mubi, funded by UNHCR and implemented by AUN.
Reported by Nubwa Ibrahim

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