Mukaranta Supplementary Readers Gets A Boost in Jeka -da Fari primary School Gombe

Mukaranta Supplementary Readers Gets A Boost in Jeka -da Fari primary School Gombe

In its efforts to promote synergy and instil lasting reading culture among primary school learners, the FGN/ UBEC 2019 intervention has established an E-library comprising of a large hall with assorted TLMs, well arranged in big shelves side by side with reading tables and chairs petitioned for learners use. This is on Jeka da Fari primary school Gombe, one of the 12 SENSE focused schools of Gombe GEA.

What's so fascinating is that part of our decodable and levelled readers supplied to the school by SENSE for reading, have gotten also space in the library where learners at recess other free time access them to read in addition to Friday reading that is done across P1,2,3 classes weekly.

A borrowing register for both teachers and learners is available, thus promoting independent reading by pupils at their homes well designed and hitch-free.

Thus, this will go a long way to promote reading and maintenance culture, increases synergy and resource leveraging to impact on value for money.

What's more fascinating also is the library contain assorted flashcards of alphabets with accompanying Hausa and English words to help learners associate both words and spellings in the two languages which teachers can use in class in addition to flashcards being produced through boot camp training for teachers to reinforce learning.

This is good practice, promotion of strong partnership in resource leverage, synergy to impact on value for money indeed .!!!
This, we and the school shall continue to mentor and coach teachers and school authority to make the best use of them for our mukaranta learners and by extension all learners to enhance reading fluency for long-lasting learning.!!!

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