Atiku Center Guest Speakers Visit Feed and Read Children

Atiku Center Guest Speakers Visit Feed and Read Children

Guest speakers at the Atiku Center lecture of September 22 visited the AUN Feed and Read program.

The Americans, Professor Carl LeVan and Mathew T. Page, made the farewell visit the day after their lecture on Improving U.S. Anticorruption Policy in Nigeria.

At the Feed and Read Girls center, the pupils welcomed their guests with different rhymes and songs to show what they have learned.

They also presented songs taught by their teachers on basic skills and personal hygiene: care for the hair, nails, and the body.

The children happily displayed various extracurricular activities to showcase the success of the Feed and Read program. The children were served one meal each at the end of the reception.

One of the children, Fatima Abubakar, quoted Victor Hugo in her presentation. She said, “Good evening, everyone. ‘He who opens a school door, closes a prison door.’ For this I want to say a very big thank you to the AUN community for closing the door of street hawking and early child marriage in my life.”

Speaking after the reception, Mr. Page said, “We have been going around seeing the Feed and Read program that AUN and volunteers are doing. It has very inspiring and uplifting activities. This is a very important service in the community.

Taking the Almajiri boys, as well as girls who are street traders, hawkers, children as young as four or five years old all the way up to teenagers, teaching them basic skills, hygiene, literacy, and numeracy and also giving them a square meal per day, is also important.

It’s really inspiring to see all this, which was brought about by the generosity of many people in the community.”

At the boys’ wing, LeVan and Page spoke short words of greetings in Hausa and served the pupils food as well.
By Benjamin Yakubu

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