At Feed and Read Graduation, President Dekle Advocates Equal Access to Education

At Feed and Read Graduation, President Dekle Advocates Equal Access to Education

“No persons should be denied the opportunity to learn and grow into productive and active members of the society on account of background, gender, or the circumstance they find themselves.” 

This remark of President Dekle’s reinforces the purpose for which AUN strives to lift people in its host community.

At the graduation of 300 beneficiaries of the Feed and Read program held on November 23, Dr. Dekle, who was represented by Grant Administrator Audu Liman, said AUN is a university committed to creating a sustainable knowledge community.

“An educated person will become enlightened to understand and pursue other rights and freedoms… Our Founder’s vision is a university working to improve lives and empowering people through education and capacity building.”

The day looked like Sallah day for the beneficiaries, who were all in new clothes and were in a festive mood. None could curtail the excitement when they were each given a certificate of completion for the nine-month basic literacy and numeracy program.
Ms. Blessing Bello, who represented the Program Coordinator, Ms. Nkem Uzowulu, thanked the Founder for his vision, Dr. Margee Ensign for initiating the program, and Dr. Dekle for carrying on the legacy. She also thanked the sponsors of the program, the German agency for international cooperation (GIZ) and the Danish Embassy.

“Through your donation these children are able to have one good meal daily, quality education and, of course, hygiene items, among others.”

She added that there is an effort in motion by the Adamawa State Government to mainstream this set of pupils into formal education.

Livelihood Officer for GIZ Nigeria, Yahaya Dauda, said he was impressed by the tremendous improvement that the girls have undergone during the training duration.

Director Monitoring and Evaluation of the Atiku Center, Ms. Lilian AyukTabe, delivered a message from the Danish Ambassador, Torben Gettermann. The ambassador wrote that he believes the program has given the beneficiaries a great start into their world of learning.

“I hope that you will continue to learn and get an education, and someday you will remember that the Feed and Read program was your first step into that new world.”
Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa

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